From NPF to Dreamhack

Now it’s been a few weeks since we attended NPF. A lot of preparation went down to make it a great experience for everyone that joined. Those who made it the best experience were our lovely members though, so cheers! Ever since the doors closed at NPF the planning for Dreamhack Winter in Sweden has got us all excited for the winter ahead at LNO. In about 2 weeks the cars will yet again take us to Sweden for the biggest LAN in the world. We are just as excited as last time, if not more now. We look forward to finishing the final details about this trip so we all can have an amazing experience together. This time we have participants coming from a lot of countries around Europe (Austria, Italy, Denmark and Sweden). A lot of new people to meet, exciting times. At Dreamhack there will be tournaments, activities and a lot of gaming to look forward to. All this is possible thanks to our amazing sponsors Ford Denmark, Dreamhack and SponsorWorld. You will be seeing us drive Ford Mach-E and wear our new jerseys. This winter is gonna rock! Stay tuned for more information about our winter activities ahead.