This weekend it is time for the yearly Lan NPF in Denmark. We have a lot of members from LNO going this time. A whole weekend dedicated to gaming in this cold weather we are starting to get, sounds like a dream. Some will join LNO in real life for the first time and some will meet again. It is really an amazing feeling to be able to meet the people you play with and surround yourself with online. You are able to put a face to the voices you hear. For some this might be a nervous situation but in the end, going to a Lan like this will change a lot, coming from experience. You might meet your best friend there, who knows. On a Lan there is always a lot going on, we will have teams in competitions and tournaments, there will also be activities not associated with gaming to just have a fun time together away from screens (for example Hide and Seek), you might feel the need of that after some hours gaming. Hope to see you at this year’s NPF Lan, feel free to meet us there and enjoy the weekend!