A strong start for our CS-teams

As we are progressing rapidly into 2023, our CS-teams are playing all sorts of leagues and tournaments. Most of the fall has consisted in practicing for this spring that’s full of these matches. We have Pyrite, Zeolite, Sodalite, Titanium and Onyx, all teams of LNO competing on different levels and in different competitions. Proud to have them on board and be able to watch them play. As most of us know there are a lot of ups and downs in competitions, and no matter how it goes for our teams, they are a team of LNO. A few weeks forward almost all evenings are booked up by the different competitions and teams. Thankfully we have streamers and casters helping out during this period so that we can show everyone else how good our teams are and cheering on them. Most games are getting streamed on our Twitch, so definitely check it out. Happy cheering!