E-sport VS Community

LNO’s combination of a community side and an esport side bring several benefits to our members.

For those interested in esports and the competitive side of gaming, LNO offers a platform for players and teams in various games to showcase their skills and improve together. We try to provide support as well as exposure to help our teams get recognized in the competitive gaming world. Additionally, our goal is to stream the tournaments and competitions our teams participate in, so that our members can enjoy watching esports as well. 

On the other side, our community offers a space for gamers to connect with others who share their passion. LNO hosts events on Discord, such as game nights and streams, where everyone can come together and enjoy gaming in a fun and inclusive environment. As well as meeting up in real life when we go together to LANs.

By having both these sides in LNO, we create something unique. This way, our members can appreciate both the competitive and social sides of gaming in one place, and have access to a supportive and engaging community of gamers. 

Having both sides in LNO creates opportunities for cross-promotion and collaboration. Our teams can participate in community events and engage with community members, while the community can provide valuable feedback and support to our teams when they play matches both online and at LANs. This is something we see a lot of in our Discord server, team players and community members queuing games and playing together across a lot of games and genres and learning from each other. And the community can go together and have a watch-party when our teams play to support them and be social at the same time. We think this can lead to greater synergy and stronger relationships between our members, ultimately strengthening the overall LNO community.

By bringing together both sides of gaming we create an atmosphere where everyone no matter what their interests are in gaming can thrive together. That’s why these parts are equally important, one wouldn’t exist without the other.